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  1. polecam ;)

  2. Hi, I love your style! I have a concern, that you might know about.. I used to have dreads for a year and a half and when I took them out I noticed a LOT of hairloss, especially roud the edges of the base of each dread-root. Now I have a wierd grid pattern in my hair (luckliy it's not too noticeable). I've been about 2 years without dreds now, and my hair is not as thick as it used to be and I have the gird-like partition lines of bare scalp still. Do you know how to recuperate the hair loss? I think it's traction alopecia and from what I've read, it's irreversible. Thanks, much love xxx

    1. Hi :) Well, I never had that problem, even though I got rid of dreads two times already and my hair grew back and looked just like before I got dreads. Here's the photo of how I looked after the first time when I combed out my dreadlocks (two days after and when I got my haircut done):

      So I guess I can't really give you any advise, sorry :(