About me

Venus Kerrigan - photomodel, blogger & knitter. Coming from Wrocław, Poland. Based in Berlin, Germany.

Welcome to my blog :)

I would describe myself in 3 words: an unpredictable combination of the opposites. I have a lot of passions and interests that I feel like sharing with the world :)

This blog isn't only about my life but it's also about the fact that because of my psychopatic father I was suffering from depression for 10 years and started a brand new life from scratch. My goal is to show that even when you're depressed and devastated you can move on, find something you enjoy doing and be happy again, living your life to the fullest.

I hope that all of you who struggle out there will find your path and make your life worth living just like I did. And please do remember that this fight is never easy but life is a war, you don't fight, you lose. I also had a really hard time fighting but after years I finally started to win. And if I'm winning, so can you :)

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  1. You rock Venus...in Jamaica we have a saying "heads High", our past is a vital part of who we are today! regardless of the pain we had to endure or the happiness we found. However, living in the past leaves no room for the future...its okay to look back once in a while but don't get trapped. Keep your head up, your future is not written. Its Kevin brown from fb.

  2. I can't remember how I stumbled upon you. I know I found you on facebook. I believe you are beautiful inside&out. I have been dealing with depression for longer than I should. It' not a battle easily won. I hope one day you can find a way to live and not use any of the medication. Maybe it's just my crazy personal experiences. I'm proud of everything you've done and I will be looking toward your bright future :) Much love!