Monday, September 08, 2014
Summer is over

I am back and I'm happier than ever :D I missed blogging so much! I guess I’ll have to turn one of the rooms into a closet because I’m running out of space in my old one ;) And as you can see I changed my hair a little bit but I’m still a dreadhead (and always will be :)).

But anyways, fall is a time of changes for me, I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned for this month! I just can't wait :D

Sweater (Atmosphere), Pants & Tank - SH | Clutch - CCC
Shoes - | Earrings - Lokaah


  1. I've been following you on facebook for quite some time, I think you're not only a stunning woman but also an amazing personality, love this blog of yours and I'm glad you're finally back :)

  2. Ciao Venus, how are you!!!
    Lovely pics, great location and cool casual look!!!!
    Kisses darling!!!

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  3. Sama nie lubię dredów ale Tobie wyjątkowo pasują, masz swój styl to się ceni. Pozdrowienia z Trójmiasta :)

  4. zdjęcia są niesamowite ! :**

  5. jak fajnie dopasowalas torebke do butow , ten sam motyw! swietnie! sweter uroczo wyglada z Twoimi wlosami!