Monday, January 27, 2014
Khaki & Black

Winter came :] And this was my 1st photo shoot this year when it wasn't so cold yet! I'm only waiting for spring!

In the meantime one of my photographers, Łukasz just got his brand new camera and was so excited for the photo shoot, since he worked hard for it. And I know people who have a lot of money so they can afford expensive equipment but they have neither passion nor talent whatsoever, well you can't buy it all. However this photo shoot was such an awesome experience! It's so great to see someone so passionate :)

And I wore my favorite parka jacket (you could also see it here) and the jumper underneath that I thought about selling before I figured I could wear it with this jacket ;) Ah, life's good... but just let this winter end already! :P

Photos: Łukasz Bęben

Jacket & Jumper - SH | Necklace - Duras Design | Earrings - Anima-create
Leggings - Colloseum | Boots - DeeZee | Backpack - Romwe


  1. Ależ Ty masz nooooogiiiii! :D Zazdroszczę. Bardzo fajna parka - SH for life! ;-) Pozdrawiam, Agnieszka

  2. Cool look, I love your parka and your backpack!!!!!!!
    Kisses Venus!!!!

  3. how special!

  4. Trafiłam tu po raz pierwszy, jesteś piękną kobietą w drapieżnym wydaniu, bardzo mi się podoba ten styl. Pozdrawiam!

  5. Ależ mi się podobają te Twoje dredy :) i w połączeniu z wygolonymi bokami wygląda to fantastycznie ;)

  6. love the bag!

  7. Cudowna stylizacja. Jedna z moich ulubionych u Ciebie!

  8. W takich ciuchach mi się najbardziej podobasz, bo to dla mnie bardzo swojskie klimaty :)

    Asia z /