Thursday, December 12, 2013
Brown & Beige

We have this beautiful Christmas Market in Wrocław, Poland every year :) And I try to stay away from it because I always spend way to much money there ;) This year I decided to buy some winter coats instead but the prices in stores are definitely too high for me. I mean I'd rather buy second hand stuff which are a lot cheaper and look good than something brand new that's not even worth its price but that's just me ;) 

However when it comes to shoes I'd never buy second hand ones, only a brand new ones like these you can see in the pictures :) Luckily I have a discount in my favorite online shoe store ;) Btw. what do you think about my earrings? They're made from recycled materials by one of my friends - I absolutely love hand made jewelry! 

Coat - SH | Scarf - New Yorker | Pants - Bershka | Socks - Marylin | Boots -
Purse - Atmosphere | Earrings - Anima-create


  1. Fajnie! w warszawie też mamy te jarmarki... ale ja nie lubiętłoki i odpuszczam ;-) na szczęście prezenty już ogarnięte, więc to mam z głowy, hehe. Czy mam rozumieć, że te spodniszcze też ze starej kolekcji bershki? :(

    1. Nom.... kupiłam je w zeszłym roku a dopiero je pierwszy raz ubrałam do tych zdjęć ;)