Thursday, October 24, 2013
White sneakers

The inspiration for my today's outfit was Kasia Tusk :) She's a daughter of the Polish's prime minister, that's why she's often disliked which is completely incomprehensible to me. Because I don't give a shit what her father does and how much money she has. I love her outfits since day one :) Well.. not all of them but most of them for sure ;) 

I've never envied anyone. I always appreciated what I had. And I think people just envy Kasia because of her famous last name. I was also judged by what my father did so I know exactly what it's like. But you can't choose which family you are born to. You need to learn to appreciate what you have and if you want to get more, just go and fight for it. I did and I've achieved pretty much so far :)

Photos: Paweł Abramowicz

Blouse & jacket - SH | Skirt & Bag - | Watch - Allegro | Bracelets - Nelia & Allegro
Tights - Calzedonia | Earrings - Market Hall Wrocław | Necklace - Martyna :* 
Sneakers -


  1. Widzę, że też skusiłaś się na Szokobonsowy naszyjnik :)
    Świetna stylizacja!

  2. I love your casual look... amazing sneakers!!!!
    Have a great weekend Venus!!!

  3. Śliczne trampki z ćwiekami/kolcami :). Mam bardzo podobną spódnicę, tyle że czarną ^^

  4. Świetna stylizacja! :) A buty są cudowne

  5. Jak ja Ci zazdroszczę tych zdjęć! A i piękna stylizacja, wszystko idealnie dobrane :)