Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Leopard Print Jacket

I fell in love with this Romwe jacket since I saw it for the very 1st time, no shit. Because it's hard to find a leopard print that doesn't look tacky and this one is really what I've been looking for :) I styled it with gray, brown and beige. I didn't wanna wear black this time because it would be to easy to create an interesting outfit... imho anyway ;)

Ok, enough about the outfit :P I often read that I should start to meditate or doing yoga or sth instead of taking meds. Because you know I have those ups and downs... and the thing is that I'm really fine. Fortunately most of the time I'm happy :) Only sometimes I feel like shit when something bad happens, sth that's fucking with my mind... when it really feels like my world is over in that very moment and I'm convinced that nothing is going to change... but then? After a day or two everything's fine again. Well... you can't be happy all the time no matter what happens... there are things that simply make you feel like shit.

But anyway, I love myself the way I am, I truly do :) The thing that also helps me is that I have support from people all over the world... I appreciate it every single day! Thank you! :*

Photos: Mariusz Zuberek

Jacket - Romwe | Necklacke - Mokka Art | Tank - SH | Belt & Pants - Bershka
Purse - Atmoshpere | Boots - Allegro

Thursday, October 24, 2013
White sneakers

The inspiration for my today's outfit was Kasia Tusk :) She's a daughter of the Polish's prime minister, that's why she's often disliked which is completely incomprehensible to me. Because I don't give a shit what her father does and how much money she has. I love her outfits since day one :) Well.. not all of them but most of them for sure ;) 

I've never envied anyone. I always appreciated what I had. And I think people just envy Kasia because of her famous last name. I was also judged by what my father did so I know exactly what it's like. But you can't choose which family you are born to. You need to learn to appreciate what you have and if you want to get more, just go and fight for it. I did and I've achieved pretty much so far :)

Photos: Paweł Abramowicz

Blouse & jacket - SH | Skirt & Bag - szafa.pl | Watch - Allegro | Bracelets - Nelia & Allegro
Tights - Calzedonia | Earrings - Market Hall Wrocław | Necklace - Martyna :* 
Sneakers - czasnabuty.pl

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I haven't written about myself for a while... but if you check my facebook page, you know what's going on ;) Well, I was down lately, had to deal with some personal stuff. The thing is that I don't want to keep on making the same mistakes... I want to move forward without looking back but it's harder than it seems. Even though blogging helps me pull through since the beginning and it let me live day by day, sometimes it all comes back, everything that I've been through... but life's like that right? I only hope I'm not wrong this time around...

Blouse - SH | Jacket - H&M | Jeans - Bershka | Shoes - CCC | Earrings - Allegro
Necklace - Opia | Bag - Atmosphere

Sunday, October 13, 2013
Purple Necklace

Everybody knows I love purple :) Małgosia Duras knows it as well, therefore she made a gorgeous purple necklace just for me :D It's my second necklace from her, the 1st one you've already seen here :) But I love them both! And soon I'm gonna have a photo shoot with bracelets made by Gosia that I'm looking forward to <3

Photos: Marek Niemiec

Necklace - Duras Design | Top - SH (diy) | Bolero & Vest - SH | Pants - Tally Weijl
Shoes & Bag - Allegro | Earrings - NN