Friday, September 20, 2013
16 facts about me

1. I was born on November 25th 1985.
2. I’m 5' 4½" tall (164cm).
3. I weigh 103 lbs (48kg).
4. I don't eat meat since April 2005. I can't call myself a real vegetarian because I eat fish sometimes.
5. I have 26 dreadlocks, 15 piercings and 7 small tattoos.
6. My favorite color is purple.
7. I’ve suffered from depression since I was 20.
8. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke.
9. I’ve never taken drugs (I haven’t even smoked weed).
10. I’m a tea addict ;)
11. I'm in love with myself and I don't think it's something bad as long as you're not like: "I'm better than all of you".
12. I sing and I'm a songwriter. I've been fighting for my dream for quite some time and it finally starts to happen.
13. I'm from Oleśnica but since June 2004 I live in Wrocław (Poland).
14. I've been modeling since 2009.
15. I used to want to be an actress when I was little but changed my mind when I was graduating from high school and I knew that I wanted to sing more than acting. Nevertheless I had an opportunity to play small parts and be the extra in some Polish productions.
16. I'm an atheist.

Top & Belt - SH | Pants - Bershka | Purse - Mohito | Shoes -
Earrings - Hala Kupców Perła Wrocław


  1. Dawno mnie tu nie było :) W życiu bym nie powiedziała, że masz 28 lat!!! P.S. Chcę Twoje spodnie :D

    1. A dziękuję, heh, większość mi daje najwyżej 20 lat ;)