Sunday, July 28, 2013
Owls, owls everywhere...

I am hopelessly in love with owls (long before they became trendy, anyway;)). And I love this owl tank top from Kung Szwu :) I'm glad the top is a little bit longer and has 3 owls in the lower back because I can wear it with practically anything. Today I styled it with a studded bag, bracelets, sandals and a silver owl earrings plus diy shorts that used to be long pants :)

Make-up: Paulina Hliwa

Tank top - Kung Szwu | Shorts - Terranova (diy) | Bag - | Bracelets - Allegro 
Sandals - Deichmann | Earrings - Christmas Market Wrocław

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm finally back :D Passed all my exams and can focus on what I like :)

I'd never guess I would have a fashion blog :) But as a photomodel I always missed showing the whole outfit with the shoes and accessories in the photo shoots. Beside that, blogging gives me a lot of satisfaction :) It's not my job and it doesn't bring me money... but who knows, maybe one day? It would be nice to get paid for doing something you really enjoy :) And I'm truly happy that I had an opportunity to meet so many talented people who create stuff out of true passion and love. And I, along with the great photographers and my friend (who helps me when it comes to html stuff ;)), create this blog where I combine my own passions such as: modeling, English, creating outfits, showing my city (Wrocław, Poland) in the pictures and that's good enough for me :) 

I just love blogging! Honestly I don't know what I would do without a blog because it's my therapy. It really helps me stay away from the bad thoughts and forget about my depression.

Btw. if you wanna see my outfits one day before the post arrives, fan me on :)

Blouse - SH | Pants - Stradivarius | Shoes - Deichmann | Necklace & Bracelets - Allegro 
Purse & Ring - H&M | Earrings - Hala Kupców Perła Wrocław