Sunday, June 30, 2013
Room tour

Welcome to my room :) Today I'm not gonna show you my outfit but how I live.

My bed where I often sit (or lie in weird positions ;)) with my laptop.

On my night stand I usually keep the books. Now I'm reading about this disorder of mine (depression) and about vegetarianism (oh how much I love these bookmarks with Wrocław's dwarves, they're so cute :))

My faithful steel horse, that is my bike :) We have a long and happy relationship ;)

My desk and my 2nd computer wich I use to store a lot of movies, tv shows, music etc. and where I edit my videos ;)

On my desk I keep 2 dragons that guard me :)

And these are my closets where I keep clothes, jewelry and accessories etc. :)

My cosmetic trunk but I'll make another post about its content ;)

As you can see my clothes are arranged more or less in color order so that I know where everything is ;) And besides that I used to work in a clothing store so you know :)

I have a lot of second hand clothes, even more than the brand new ones I guess ;)

I also take photos with my webcam of everything I get so that I always know what I actually have in my closet and when I choose an outfit I just look through the folder on my computer :)

And these cute little angels guard my love life and they suck because my love life doesn't even exist at the moment ;) But they look nice anyway :)

My drawer of treasures :D I used to have more jewelry but I gave it away ;)

My shoes (not all of them obviously ;)) You might wonder why do I keep them here... it's just because I'm still looking for a perfect shoe closet and I hope to find it soon 'cause I can't stop buying shoes! :)

I like candlesticks but not as much as I like owls :)

My beheaded jewelry lady where I keep some of the small earrings ;)

Another candlesticks, a vase and my make-up mirror :) And that's it for now ;)

And the room owner, yours truly :) Without make-up 'casue it's a lazy sunday :P

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Do you like soutache jewelry? Because I love it! :) But only made by a good friend of mine Mokka :) We used to work together in a clothing store a couple of years ago and now I’m her jewelry model :) I literally screamed when I saw that necklace and earrings and I knew they would be mine :) 

I admire Marta’s passion and talent because this type of jewelry requires a lot of time and effort but I think that the outcome is absolutely worth it. I feel in love with her jewelry especially that I adore hand made goods. Of course this it not the last time that I have the pleasure to present her work :)  

Photos: Paweł Wasiluk

Blouse - SH | Leggings - SH (Tally Weijl) | Bag - Atmosphere | Shoes - Deichmann | Belt - H&M
Bracelets - Atmosphere/Allegro | Necklace & Earrings - Mokka Art

Monday, June 17, 2013
Venus The Witch

Let me introduce you to Venus The Witch :) It’s the name of the earrings made especially for me by Anima-create who makes jewelry from recycled materials such as beer cans and so on. There is an interesting story behind these earrings ;) Let’s go back to 2009 when I ordered Robert’s earrings on I waited a little bit for them but then it turned out that he sent the jewelry that I ordered to another customer by mistake therefore he made a new pair for me and I got one extra pair of earrings because of that whole situation and a little note from the author. 

I kept that note in my diary (I used to write diaries for about 10 years) and when I met Robert a few months ago in our favorite tea shop I showed him that note :) It was really great to finally meet him in person and we’re good friends ever since. I also love his jewelry and his passion about it. It’s amazing how he can make something so beautiful and exceptional from “trash”. And that he made my wonderful Venus The Witch :)

Photos: Paweł Wasiluk

Blouse - SH (River Island) | Headband - NN | Pants - Bershka | Purse - Allegro
Shoes - Gift | Earrings - Anima-create