Sunday, May 26, 2013
Ripped jeans

I love ripped jeans :) Those are my favorite ones. But that's not what I wanted to write about ;) I wanted to tell you about my singing lessons. I have my singing practice at the Jaman Studio where I used to have rehearsals with my band. My singing teacher Ola Osiecka has graduated from Academy of Music in Wrocław and she is a true professional :) I love it that besides singing I can learn more about music in general and record my voice in the studio to analyze it later with Ola and at home (all the students get their recordings as mp3). So if you're from Wrocław and you love to sing or have a band, do not hesitate to come to the Jaman Studio :) 

I can't wait until I share my music with you guys :) But I have to work a little bit more on my material before I can share it with the world ;)

Jeans - Bershka | Top & Belt - SH | Heels - Deichmann | Belt bag - Lucky Loser 
Earrings - | Bracelets - Allegro | Ring - H&M

Monday, May 20, 2013
I heart Wrocław

I lived in Oleśnica (Poland) for 18 years but I loved Wrocław (about 30km away) as far as I can remember. Finally after graduating from high school I moved here leaving my past behind. I got rid of fake friends and found the real ones. I also left all the bad childhood memories in my hometown... it wasn't my home anymore. My home is here now. It's been almost 9 years :)

There are over 250 of dwarf figures in Wrocław.
And those are the gates to The Dwarf City guarded by the lazy Sleepyhead ;)

Right behind me you can see a Drink Bar Małgosia where you can also buy souvenirs from Wrocław ;)

The building behind me is a former city prison, that's why the street that it's located on is called a Prison Street ;)

I don't drink but when they're giving a free beer it would be a sin not to try it, especially with another dwarf friend Well-wisher :)

Feel like an ice cream? Go and have it with a little ice cream enthusiast Barton :P

The beautiful tenement houses on Malarska street :)

I <3 chocolate, and you? If you do feel free to visit Chocoffee ;)

When I was posing to the picture on the left the 4 photographers were taking pictures of me at the same time... one of them was Marek and 3 other ones were tourists... I guess I'm an interesting monument ;)

Sweater & belt - SH | Shirt - SH (Atmosphere) | Purse - Atmosphere | Leggings -
Shoes - Allegro | Earrings - Market Hall Wrocław

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Secondhand Addiction

Hello my lovely readers :) Let me clear something up... I used a curling-pin the last time to curl up my hair, it doesn't curl on its own ;)

Someone asked me in the comments what are my fav second hand stores in Wrocław so I decided to write a whole post about my secondhand addiction ;) These are my favorite places to shop in my city: LaboutiqCafe, Zwierciadełko and Margo. And searching for clothes is my hobby :)

Sometimes I find something that's too small or too big for me... for example that skirt I'm wearing in the photos. It used to be a child's dress and I made it a skirt (ok, my nana helped me a little bit ;)). I shop in second hand stores since April 2012... until that time I didn't like to wear something that was worn by someone else before but my mom convinced me finally :) If it wasn't for her I guess I'd never start this blog because I wouldn't have so much to wear. And what about you? Do you like second hand clothing?

Photos: Marek Niemiec

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