Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Venus at the playground

I had a lot of fun at that photo shoot especially that we took the pictures on the playground where I felt like a child again and my outfit was just perfect for trying to keep up with the kids :P 

Posing like an offended bird ;)

Photos: Marek Niemiec

Tank top - SH (TopShop) | Bra - Calzedonia | Pants - Eidos.pl |
Shoes - Nike | Bag & Plugs - poc

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Owl by myself

Piercing & Photo: RLM

As you probably noticed I have a new piercing :) It’s called Medusa and I wanted to get it for quite some time. I was pierced by Red Lipstick Monster, a professional piercer and a talented make-up artist :) I was so happy to meet her. Because (I know you would never say that about me :P) I’m afraid of needles…. And she pierced me quickly and it didn’t even hurt that much. And then we had a nice talk, it felt so great to meet someone so passionate about what they do. So if you want to get a new piercing in a safe and professional way or a gorgeous make-up you should definitely contact her! Btw. I hope you like my Medusa as much as I do :)

I also would like to thank all of those who supported me on my facebook page when I wrote about my depression. I feel so relieved to be able to talk about it out loud. I’m happy to be understood and I know I’m not weak, I only have been strong for too long. And even though it’s hard to talk about it, it’s harder to keep it inside. But the most important thing is that everything’s fine now. I have this blog, I have my music goal and I’m gonna make it :) And if I can, you can make it too, no matter what you dream about!

And what do you think about my new outfit? Do you like owls as well? ;)

Photos: Paweł Wasiluk

Scarf - New Yorker | Jacket - SH (Miso) | Sweater - SH (H&M) | Pants - Bershka | Purse - Claire's
Belt - NN | Boots- Forever 18 
Earrings - Christmas Market Wrocław | Ring - H&M 

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Hi :) The spring came at last! Hope you all are having a nice weekend :) The blouse I'm wearing I found at Zwierciadełko, a designer second hand and vintage shop with luxury clothes. Right there you can find really exceptional branded clothing (also the new ones) let alone the unique accessories. Frankly there’s so much to choose that I couldn’t make up my mind what should I get but finally I decided to take this studded blouse ;) And because it’s black it’s gonna match almost anything :) In this post I styled it with gray pants, nude heels and purse, I also braided my dreadlocks and made a nice little curl at the end ;) I really like this outfit, do you?

Photos: Marek Niemiec

Blouse - Zwierciadełko | Pants & Purse - Bershka | Heels - Pull&Bear | 
Bracelets - Nelia, Allegro | Earrings - Atmosphere

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Laboutiq Café

Yes, I know I haven’t been here a while… but I’m back, finally! :) I wanna show you a very interesting place in Wrocław that I discovered lately (ok, my friend did… thanks Justyna ;)). It’s a second hand store and a coffe shop called Laboutiq Café. A place where you can have tea and coffe or a delicious cake and shop at the same time! And when it gets warmer there will be tables outside so you can enjoy the beautiful city view. The store is located in the center of Wrocław on Grodzka 5 street (near the university). The sweater I wore for the photos is I guess the best recommendation for shopping ;) I am absolutely in love with it ever since I saw it for the first time :)

Photos: Marek Niemiec

Sweater - Laboutiq Café | Pants - Eidos.pl | Boots - CCC | Bag - Atmosphere | Earrings - Bershka | Bracelet - Allegro