Monday, March 25, 2013
Black, white & purple

Today I wanted to present a beautiful jewelry made by my childhood friend Kornelia :) She owns a jewelry store called Nelia. I fell in love with that owl bracelet and I designed the second bracelet, picked the beads and Nela combined everything together so it would fit my wrist perfectly :) Feel free to design your own jewelry just like I did! You can also create earrings, necklaces and many, many more and Kornelia and other girls working at the store will help you design your own, special projects :)

As to my outfit it was more formal and this is what I’m gonna wear for my final college exam :) But I don’t think it looks too uptight ;)

Photos: Jarek Wolny

Shirt - New Yorker | Skirt - SH (Atmosphere) | Tights - NN | Shoes - CCC
Purse - Stradivarius | Bracelets - Nelia | Earrings - NN | Ribbon - DIY

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
I do not heart winter

Thank you guys for all the comments in the previous post, I didn’t expect it would be so many of them! Also thanks for the links to your blogs, I visited them all :). It’s really nice to read all those kind words and it makes me wanna blog even more! In the meantime I’m dreaming of the end…. of winter. Who’s with me? ;)

Photos: Jarek Wolny

Cap - | Scarf, Jacket, Sweater, Bag – New Yorker | Tunic – SH (Gina Tricot)  | Leggings – Coloseum | Socks, Rings – H&M | Boots – Forever 18 | Earrings – Hala Targowa Wrocław

Monday, March 04, 2013
Let's start bloggin'!

Welcome to my blog! I’d really like to thank all of you for support on my facebook page :) It means a lot to me! I’d also like to thank my wonderful friend Lyviisa for helping me out with this blog, Justyna Pernet who took the photos in the blog’s layout, Ela Aniołek for her gorgeous make up in those pics. And the last but not least I’d like to thank the photographer Jarek Wolny who also helped me a lot and took the pictures for this post :) Thank you guys for proving me that you can always count on someone who will share their talents and passion in order to create something amazing together!  

I started blogging because I feel the strong need to create. And what I create is my style which I think is different from what you can see now on the streets. Currently I have sides of my head shaved and half dreadlocks, half normal hair plus piercings and 7 small tattoos. But I like to dress in a feminine and delicate way mostly… not like anyone would expect me to I guess. On the other hand, sometimes I like to dress in a more rock/punk style but still in a sort of "girly" way. But that’s just me, an unpredictable combination of the opposites. I don’t like to be put in any kind of frame. I’m not a rasta girl and I do wash my hair and take care of it ;) 

I just hope you enjoy this blog and my outfits as much as I do :) And this is the very first one!

Photos: Jarek Wolny

Sweater - SH (Atmosphere) | Skirt - SH (Atmosphere) | Tights - NN 
Shoes - DeeZee | Purse - Asos | Earrings - gift | Bracelet - Allegro